You're tired of looking for the "right" website.

You've looked at a whole bunch of choices.

But the information is sooooo overwhelming.

You've looked at a bunch of web designer's pages. They're pretty, but there's no clear information about what's included, how much it will cost and what results you will get from it.


Because you're the one who takes care of Everything in your business and you've taken care of it all by yourself for years.

If that sounds like you, you can sit back and grab a cup of coffee with me. Because this will be easier and much more productive than you think.

I'm Jill and I'll help you grow your business with great web strategy.

With 25 years of business and marketing experience, I started this to help small service businesses build a productive digital strategy and gain back their personal lives.

Because you're not looking for a business card that's online, right?

You're looking to transform your world with your business, but you're not sure how.

It's time for your business to make your life easier and still pay the bills.

Clarity on what you do, communicated clearly to your customers is the key to converting them.

It's not about sales gimmicks, pop-ups, or building lists, it's about finding people who think like you and providing the service they need.

I work exclusively on your project, from beginning to end, to walk you through the whole process.


We create a website and digital message where your ideal client goes, "Wow, She GETS me!

And the best part is, we do this together, over a cup of coffee (well, many cups of coffee). No pressure.

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A bit about me

If you haven't met me, let me introduce myself. I'm Jill Clark-Mello and have owned multiple businesses and marketed them for over 20 years.

I owned a successful real estate company, where I cut my teeth on both traditional and online marketing before we made our move to rural Maine.

My husband and I run Winter Cove Farm, an organic fruit tree nursery in Winterport, Maine. We teach others how to grow fruit in a Simple, Natural and Poison-Free system. It's, literally, a slow-growing field.

I've been building WordPress websites for 5 years and have honed the skills that are needed to deliver exactly the vistor conversion that small businesses need.

I'm an avid (ok, obsessed!) marketing student since I discovered it in my late teens (that was a LONG time ago). There is little that gets me out of bed in the morning like analyzing sales conversion numbers and helping others do the same. My husband refers to me as the Sales Junkie, and it's not about the money.

Seeing people matched up with goods and services they both want and need is satisfying. I'm just as happy volunteering at our school's thrift store and making sales goal for the day, or, even better, blowing them out of the water!

I love coffee and having a simple life. We live in a home my husband and I have built from the ground up. In addition to the nursery, we have an experimental permaculture orchard where we test out all sorts of cold-hardy plants. It's a shared passion. We aim to change the way people grow fruit and help plant thousands of trees all over the country.

I spin, knit, crochet and dye when I'm not playing with websites. I never felt creative until I started playing with fiber 15 years ago. Now, its becomes obsessive and I like to unvent new ways to knit things like mitten thumbs that you knit as you go.

My introversion sometimes makes me hide out, but I love being with friends and sharing a good meal with great company.

My children are the highlight of my life. I lost my mom, my world, in 2017 and I miss her every day, often many times per day, especially when it comes to sharing all the antics that being a mom brings to my life.

Most of all, my Faith keeps me going. When life gets tough, it's the peace that passes all understanding that comforts me and keeps me grounded.

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